Aviation Traders

Working in and around an airfield inevitably means that expensive machinery, contents and tools are not kept under lock and key at all times. Did you know that almost all general insurers exclude theft cover, other than by forcible violent entry?

Are you aware that these same companies exclude any liability to do with aviation or airside activities?

Did you know that most Employers Liability Insurers exclude liability to Pilots and that even though you might be in possession of an employer's liability certificate, if your policy excludes pilots and aircrew, you may still be in breach of the law, let alone at risk of losing you business through an uncovered claim?

Do you operate pressure or portable gas equipment, or lifting and lowering machinery? Are you aware of the various statutory requirements, with regard to inspection of this equipment? Did you know you can purchase insurance that provides you with all the necessary inspections and indemnifies you against their future?

If the answer to any of the above is no, or you have not arranged your aviation buildings, contents and employers liability policy, through a specialist aviation scheme, your business could be at great risk.

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